Data Types uses in PHP

PHP Date Types

Variables will store information of various sorts, and totally different information sorts will do various things.

PHP supports the subsequent information types:

  • String
  • Integer
  • Float (floating purpose numbers - conjointly known as double)
  • Boolean
  • Array
  • Object
  • NULL
  • Resource
  • PHP String

A string may be a sequence of characters, like "Hello world!".

A string is any text within quotes. you'll use single or double quotes:

$x = "Hello world!";
$y = 'Hello world!';

echo $x;
echo "
echo $y;

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PHP Number

An whole {number|number} information sort may be a non-decimal number between -2,147,483,648 and 2,147,483,647.

Rules for integers:

An number should have a minimum of one digit
An number should not have a percentage point
An number is either positive or negative
Integers is per 3 formats: decimal (10-based), hex (16-based - prefixed with 0x) or positional notation (8-based - prefixed with 0)
In the following example $x is AN number. The PHP var_dump() operate returns the information sort and value:


$x = 5985;

PHP Float

A float (floating purpose variety) may be a number with a percentage point or variety in exponential kind.

In the following example $x may be a float. The PHP var_dump() operate returns the information sort and value:


$x = 10.365;

PHP Boolean

A Boolean represents 2 attainable states: TRUE or FALSE.

$x = true;
$y = false;

Booleans area unit typically utilized in conditional testing. you may learn a lot of concerning conditional testing during a later chapter of this tutorial.

PHP Array

An array stores multiple values in one single variable.

In the following example $cars is AN array. The PHP var_dump() operate returns the information sort and value:


$cars = array("Volvo","BMW","Toyota");

PHP Object

An object may be a information sort that stores information {and information|and knowledge|and information} on a way to method that data.

In PHP, AN object should be expressly declared.

First we have a tendency to should declare a category of object. For this, we have a tendency to use the category keyword. a category may be a structure which will contain properties and methods:


class automobile {
operate Car() ">

// produce AN object
$herbie = new Car();

// show object properties
echo $herbie->model;

PHP NULL worth

Null may be a special information sort which might have only 1 value: NULL.

A variable of information sort NULL may be a variable that has no worth appointed thereto.

Tip: If a variable is formed while not a price, it's mechanically appointed a price of NULL.

Variables also can be empty by setting the worth to NULL:

$x = "Hello world!";
$x = null;


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