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HTML and CSS go hand in hand for developing versatile, beautiful and easy websites.HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is employed to point out content on the page wherever as CSS is employed for presenting page. hypertext mark-up language describes the structure of an internet site semantically in conjunction with presentation cues, creating its mark-up language, instead of an artificial language. hypertext mark-up language permits pictures and objects to be embedded and maybe wont to produce interactive forms Course Objectives: ❖ hypertext mark-up language is very versatile and supported on all browsers ❖ User-friendly associate degreed an open technology. ❖ It offers higher performance.❖  CSS provides powerful management over the presentation of associate degree hypertext mark-up language document. ❖ CSS saves repeatedly because it will be reused in several hypertext mark-up language pages. ❖ CSS will be wont to create responsive web content, that ar compatible on mu

New Feature of Ecosport Car 2019

Don't be misled by the name: The Ford EcoSport is neither fuel-economical nor colorful compared with the simplest machine crossovers. It offers the tall seating position and therefore the ex gratia all-wheel drive that a lot of consumers need, at a reasonable value, however that is conjointly true of virtually all of its competitors. Welcome to Faridabad Ford , the largest & best ford showroom and dealership in Faridabad, your Biggest Ford Dealer for New and Used Car Sales, Servicing, Parts and Accessories.  And similar to the tiniest cars of yore, it's slow and therefore the backseat is incommodious. whereas the EcoSport is offered with several of constant convenience options as costlier vehicles, the low-rent interior, and tiresome driving expertise mirror the value charged. If you wish one thing additional fashionable with additional polished road manners, verify the Hyundai Kona or Kia Soul. If the area is your biggest concern, think about the Jewish calendar

HTML Full Syllabus

Syllabus Covered (HTML) Introduction of different Web Technology Introduction HTML Elements HTML Styles HTML Links HTML Images HTML Tables HTML Attributes HTML Headings HTML Paragraphs HTML Formatting HTML Fonts HTML Colornames HTML Colorvalues HTML Quick List HTML Layout HTML Object HTML Video HTML YouTube HTML Media Tags HTML Summary HTML Doctypes HTML Head HTML Meta HTML Lists HTML Forms HTML Frames HTML Iframes HTML Colors HTML Scripts HTML Entities HTML URLs HTML URL Encode HTML Media HTML Audio Syllabus Covered (HTML5) HTML5 Introduction HTML5 Drag and Drop HTML5 Canvas HTML5 SVG HTML5 Canvas vs. SVG HTML5 Geolocation HTML5 New Elements HTML5 Video HTML5 Video/DOM HTML5 Audio HTML5 Web Storage HTML5 App Cache HTML5 Web Workers HTML5 SSE HTML5 Tags List of Backlinks htt

Advantage & Disadvantages of Using the Smartphone as an Educational Tool

Pulling a wireless telephone out throughout category wont to mean doubtless confiscation; currently, a growing range of faculties within the world area unit turning to the smartphone as a learning tool. Technology is one among the various ways that lecturers will open for kids on their path to success. Students area unit asked to bring their smartphones to highschool as associate degree educational device which will be wont to enhance learning within the room. Reasons to use Smartphones within the room. Students learn in an exceedingly approach they're comfy. there's a widespread use of smartphones by younger youngsters. a lot of and a lot of students savvy to use them and that they have become the foremost used 'tool' by youngsters. Students area unit ready to get answers quickly. Smartphones offer the flexibility to induce answers quickly. A student might not fire clarification to a matter he or she has in an exceedinglyn open room thus the employment of a

Full Syllabus of PHP

Introduction to PHP Php Data type Operator and Expression Evaluation of Php Basic Syntax Defining variable and constant Handling Html Form With Php Generating File uploaded form Redirecting a form after submission Capturing Form Data Dealing with Multi-value filed Decisions and loop  Making Decisions  Doing Repetitive task with looping  Mixing Decisions and looping with Html Function  What is a function  Define a function  Call by value and Call by reference  Recursive function String  Creating and accessing String  Searching & Replacing String  Formatting String  String Related Library function Array  Looping with Index based array  Looping with associative array using each() and foreach()  Some useful Library function Anatomy of an Array  Creating index based and Associative array  Accessing array Element Working with file and Directories  Working with directories  Building a text editor  File Uploading & Downloading

Core Java Syllabus for fresher

CORE JAVA Syllabus: 1. Core Java Programming Introduction of Java First Java Program through Eclipse Introduction to Java; features of Java The JDK Directory Structure First Java Program through command prompt Comparison with C and C++ Download and install JDK/JRE (Environment variables set up) 2. Data types and Operators Arrays(One dimensional; two- dimensional) Array of Object References Accessing arrays, manipulating arrays Enumerated Data Types Primitive Datatypes, Declarations, Ranges Variable Names Conventions Numeric Literals, Character Literals Method Signature; method calls Expressions in Java; introduction to various operators Operator Precedence Implicit Type Conversions Assignment Operator Strict typing Type conversion Arithmetic Operators Relational Operators Logical Operators Conditional Operators String Literals Non-Primitive Datatypes Defining a class, variable and method in Java Upcasting and downcasting