AngularJS Program Syllabus

Introduction to AngularJS.

AngularJS Expressions: Numbers, Strings, Objects, Arrays, Expressions victimisation } and ng-bind.
Modules: making a module, adding a controller & directive, myApp.js, myCtrl.js, Loading library.
Directives: knowledge Binding, ng-init, ng-repeat, ng-app & ng-model directives, custom directives.
Model: two manner binding, substantiating User Input, Status, ng-empty, ng-touched, ng-valid, ng-pending.

Data Binding: Synchronization between model and look at.

  • AngularJS Controllers: ng-controller, Controller ways, External Files.
  • Scope: $scope, understanding the scope, $rootScope.
  • Filters: Adding filters to directives, Currency filter, Array filter, Custom filters.
  • Services: intrinsic & Own service, $http, $timeout, $interval, Custom service.
  • AngularJs $http: ways, get(), post(), Properties, .config, .data, JSON format.
  • Tables: operating with Tables, $index, $even & $odd.
  • Select: making dropdown lists, ng-options and ng-repeat, Objects.
  • AngularJS SQL: attractive knowledge, Cross web site protocol Requests, Server Code.
  • DOM: ng-disabled directive, ng-show directive, nd-hide directive.
  • Events: operating with events, Mouse events, ng-click, Toggle, $event object.
  • Forms: operating with Forms, Checkbox, Radiobuttons, Select, formCtrl, reset().
  • Form Validation: shopper aspect type validation, type state & Input state, Custom validations.
  • AngularJS API: examination objects, Iterating objects, changing knowledge.
  • Applying CSS styles: Inilne, Embedded and External designs, Classes.
  • Bootstrap: Bootstrap summary, Features, victimisation bootstrap, Grid, Navigation, Layout.
  • AngularJS: Routing, ngRoute, $routeProvider, Controller .

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