HTML and CSS go hand in hand for developing versatile, beautiful and easy websites.HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is employed to point out content on the page wherever as CSS is employed for presenting page. hypertext mark-up language describes the structure of an internet site semantically in conjunction with presentation cues, creating its mark-up language, instead of an artificial language. hypertext mark-up language permits pictures and objects to be embedded and maybe wont to produce interactive forms

Course Objectives:

❖ hypertext mark-up language is very versatile and supported on all browsers
❖ User-friendly associate degreed an open technology.
❖ It offers higher performance.❖ 
CSS provides powerful management over the presentation of associate degree hypertext mark-up language document.
❖ CSS saves repeatedly because it will be reused in several hypertext mark-up language pages.
❖ CSS will be wont to create responsive web content, that ar compatible on multiple devices. It will beused to permit the net pages to show otherwise counting on the screen size or device on that itis being viewed. Pre-requisite / Target Audience:
 Any beginner UN agency needs to create a career as an internet designer will take this course.

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